Ultra - de wind

To participate or assist at the UTMB, is to vibrate to the rhythm of the trail-running planet and to share an extraordinary festival in the heart of a territory which has been mobilised for the occasion.

Take Tomas Saco Street and turn right after Corpus Christi School. Keep driving until you encounter a fork on the road. Take the right road that goes down towards Tibasak. Follow the road towards the end until you reach the T section of the South Diversion Road. Turn right. Follow the road until you reach the Taguanao/Lawndale Springs Junction, where you will see a sign for Winds. WINDS is from the junction. From there, take the big road going up. Follow the road all the way to the Cagayan de Oro International Convention Center. Ultra Winds Mountain Resort is 5 minutes away from the CDO Convention Center. Winds directional signs will guide you along the way.

Ultra - De WindUltra - De WindUltra - De WindUltra - De Wind