Mike love - jingle bell rock / let's party

Bell was born on June 27, 1986 in Newport Beach, California . [7] His parents are Robin Dodson, a professional billiards player, and Joe Bell. He has three [8] older brothers, including Robert and Travis, and one older sister, Kellie. [9]

In 1998, following the death of cousin Carl Wilson , Love and longtime Beach Boy Bruce Johnston were given an exclusive license to tour under the name the Beach Boys . The other surviving Beach Boys, Brian Wilson and Al Jardine , embarked on solo endeavors. In 2011, the group reunited to produce a new album and embark on a tour for their 50th anniversary. Following the 50th anniversary reunion shows, Love resumed touring only with Johnston.

This was my 5th year searching. I have been close to finding it the past 3 years, I could never pinpoint the exact location. I started thinking the first day clues were only talking about the rock..no direction yet. Nothing really clicked until after the full week of clues were given. Then I really started thinking of what the writer of the clues was thinking since nothing was making much sense to me. That's when I put the clues to use. I thought of all this pretty much in one night. Always look down(south) flat as a pancake(head east-it's the name of the band that sings flat as a pancake) . I had to put the videotape and book clues together because I then knew not a videotape meant book. So please be kind rewind (previous locations) the book he was referring to was let's go to the videotape by Warren WOLF (basic high are the wolves). I couldn't put any other things together out there besides the Seinfeld says. I started to think things Seinfeld says because of the seinlanguage clue. Seinfeld has this thing about"the Drake. He says, "hate the Drake!" But on the show you either love the Drake or you hate the Drake. So when I couldn't find anything around the corner from magic way and burkholder on magic and drake( where it was previous) I went to the spot it had been and headed all the way east. Came up to an arrow that pointed right ,parked, walked across the street and looked being the first bush and the rock was there . Flat as a pancake with a book seinlanguage upside down with the clue, it's my book but you can read it on the back cover and a videotape sitting next to it! Wow! I broke the clues down and finally found the rock! Shoot out to kklz, the Silverton, and decall!!.. The first day. I didnt know what to do with myself. The second day I was still in disbelief..and now.. well... I'm sad is over! This is my life during December lol... Until next year JBR hunters.....

Mike Love - Jingle Bell Rock / Let's PartyMike Love - Jingle Bell Rock / Let's PartyMike Love - Jingle Bell Rock / Let's PartyMike Love - Jingle Bell Rock / Let's Party